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Luxury MFG Ltd locating in Shenzhen China combines the latest technologies hardware expertise to design and build reliable compatible toner cartridges, ink cartridges for printers and copiers, keeping pace with the latest technical products. Print-Pretty brand covers some marketing in Africa, South America and popular accepted by buyers from all over the world due to premium quality and afforable price since pushed into marketing.

Print-Pretty's Advantages

High quality meet to your requirements

Print-Pretty are audited by STMC, ISO 9001, ISO14001.  Print-Pretty thinks, what you used must be high quality! 365 days warranty 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Big discount maximize your margins

Print-Pretty knows deeply your competitive ability come from not only high quality but also best price. Luxury  strives to exceed your expectation to help you maximize your margins.

Such as 285A 435A 436A 278A almost give you as the material cost, USD3.99 for bulk order over 8000pcs, USD4.99 for over 1000pcs. We think nobody can quote it as so low price basing on high quality assurance 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Backed by Print-Pretty 1 year warranty

Customer comments are Print-Pretty valuable sources of quality information. Every complaint will be processed at once. Print-Pretty will give customer complete compensation if losses arise from Print-Pretty products' quality.

Business cases

Print-Pretty does business with over 200 partners from 37 countries world. Print-Pretty's aim is to provide worldwide customers, mostly importers and wholesalers with more aggressive pricing than their corresponding local distributor's pricing.
Print-Pretty has full experience in cooperating with big Customers from Europe, USA, Middle East, South Americans. Print-Pretty is cooperating with the second largest printing consumables agent from the South Americans now and will continue in next years.
Contact Print-Pretty, your enquiry will be replied within 12 hours. Order now!
Quality Control Diagram
Quality is factory's life. Print-Pretty based quality control on standard ISO9001 ISO14001, STMC system. With fully inspection equipments and professional workers, Print-Pretty controls the quality from raw material to finished products. Print-Pretty conducts printing test for each dispatch before shipment. 
Customer comments are Print-Pretty's valuable sources of quality information. Every complaint will be processed at once. Also Print-Pretty give customer complete compensation if losses arise from Print-Pretty's products quality. 
Followed the Print-Pretty regular quality control diagram :


Raw material quality control

Physical -chemical analysis

chemical test

physical test

( content of each element)

(low multiple, high multiple)

Production process

Quality control during production process

operator self check

checker first check

checker tour check

checker final confirm

Finished product

spot check by checker

static confirm

printing test

Stringent & new leaking test





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